Emma Mears Textiles

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Emma Mears Textiles was set up in May 2017 by Emma Mears and is based in County Durham.  Emma’s work is mostly inspired by the flora and fauna around County Durham where she lives and the North East Coastline. 
Emma’s unique work is made up of textiles and materials that she has carefully sourced in antique and charity shops alike, or has been given to her and even worn!  She therefore enjoys using a mixture of new, old, vintage and antique fabrics, such as old clothes, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, wool blankets, to cut up, stitch into and onto and  ‘re-use’.  Sometimes she combines papers and printing in her work (mixed media), often from vintage embroidery patterns and embroidery books also old flower and botanical books such as the ‘Observers’ Series.

Emma’s work is described as being quirky, colourful and textural, often stylised in design with a homely, vintage feel.       Emma mainly creates landscapes, seascapes, and individual scenes of flowers and still life. She enjoys exploring a range of techniques such as; hand embroidery, hand and machine applique, collage and layering to create texture, and a quilted affect. Also, free machine embroidery to create texture, define areas and to create interesting and raised surfaces, patterns and designs. 

Emma also makes wearable art such as brooches and pendants and other accessories such as lampshades and small lanterns for the home. She also sells a wide range of handmade cards, prints and bespoke printed cards, coasters and other smaller items.

Opening Hours

Thursday - Sunday  11am - 4pm


+44 (0)1748 884010