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Welcome to our Associate Artists page.   We have a variety of visiting artists to Fleece.   All the artists are still based within the Yorkshire Dales or just beyond.  Click on an image to get further information.

Adrian Wood
Adrian's greatest inspiration is the plasticity of hot steel and the ability to form and manipulate the steel into a design that embodies his philosophy of beauty. Music is also something that inspires his sculptural work and he admires songwriters that can paint a picture in the mid or elicit an emotion that is strong enough to inspire him to ant to interpret it in steel.
Anna Nelson
Elizabeth Jowett
Elizabeth has lived in Wensleydale for over 30-years. Growing up on the edge of the moors sowed the seeds for a love of wide open spaces, walking and being outdoors. She has always had a passion for taking photographs and enjoys capturing moments in time whilst out walking - nature and the environment through the changing seasons are the core themes of her work. Having left full-time work, and children growing up, the idea for her cards came to life.
Heather Ritchie
Heather Ritchie started making rag rugs when she moved to Reeth 1971 . Shown the technique initially by a local farmer's wife Hanna Place, then a lady rugmaker who had lived in America then moved to Reeth, taught her further techniques . Who would have thought this craft/art would take her across the globe teaching? Inspiration for many of her pieces is taken from the beautiful surroundings.
Jenny Bell
Jennifer & Adrian work from their home studio in Co. Durham. Known for the detailed naturalistic designs inspired by the countryside they are hand cast from Earthenware and fired in a kiln to 1140c. Jennifer draws a design onto the ceramics with a pencil then paints them using under glaze oxides. They are finished with slip-trailing to give a slightly raised effect. Once complete the ceramics are usable, decorative and they make beautiful gifts.
Julie Hand
Julie Hand has created mosaics and taught within schools and communities throughout Northern Britain. She has work installed in public buildings within Yorkshire. Her work is created primarily from stained glass as she delights in its depths, tones and hidden secrets of colour and texture. This, along with dichroic glass, beads, cabochons, millefiori, vintage jewellery, fossils and other ephemera, enable her aim of the transference of an inorganic rigid substance into a living piece of art.
Kevin Pellatt
Kevin has enjoyed painting and photography from his early days in Kent and throughout his working life in Derbyshire. Now living in Swaledale he can combine these with his love of all things outdoor. Capturing photographs whilst walking locally, nationally and abroad, he loves big skies, waterfalls and characterful buildings. He works in his digital darkroom to bring out the moods of the landscape and picks out colours and tones to add a personal touch to the recorded image.
Margaret Read
Upon retirement, Margaret, having lived all her life in Wensleydale, felt inspired by the 'Age old craft' of Dry Stone Walling. Having tried her hand at making a miniature wall from local stone, Margaret also decided to include her love of Cacti and Succulent plants. Following several design attempts and requests from friends, Margaret now makes Round, Oval and Square Natural Stone Indoor Planters for us all to enjoy.
The planters are an ideal gift, even for those without Green fingers
Sara Last
Born and raised in Cumbria Sara is based just outside Kendal. Sara left her full time job in Arts Management to take up pottery 3 years ago, then after two years of building up her business disaster struck. So after 18 months off due to ill health Sara is back and her work is Bigger, Bolder and Brighter than ever. From soap dishes to knitting bowls with mugs in the middle there is something for everyone.
Sara produces colourful contemporary pottery which is both decorative and practical.
Sue Medley
Since moving to North Yorkshire in 2012 Sue has created a range of chain maille and more recently, beaded jewellery. Her chain maille mostly uses light-weight nickel-free anodized aluminium rings for a great range of colours. There is also an amazing range of styles and colours of beads now, especially the new multi-hole glass Czech beads. Creating exciting jewellery has never been more addictive!
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