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Glass Art by Carole - Carole Rutherford

Carole Rutherford is a true “Yorkshire Lass” being born just outside Leeds.  Now living in beautiful Wensleydale, she creates fused glass pieces with the help of her husband.


Carole has always loved crafts of all sorts, particularly glass.  Her husband bought her an 'Introduction to Glass Fusing’, at Leeds College of Art as a Christmas present in 2014.  This kindled her love of fused glass and she bought her own kiln in 2015 and has been happily creating beautiful pieces ever since.

Taking her inspiration from many things, particularly the fabulous countryside, flowers and the sea.  Carole is  also inspired by other art forms offering the suggestion of beautiful colour combinations.  These often give a spark of an idea that makes her wonder how she might use this in her glass pieces.

The work is not meant to be totally accurate to life but more a representation to help conjure images.  All the pieces are fired in her kiln with many of them requiring multiple firings, each taking a minimum of 24 hours.  All the glass is cut by hand meaning that whilst some pieces are similar in design each piece is truly unique.

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