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Helen Rhodes

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Helen lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere surrounded by sheep and cattle, birds and all  nature has to offer and this is where she draws her inspiration from. Sitting at her kitchen table, she hand makes each unique animal whilst looking out of the window at her small flock of sheep. Watching their movements, characteristics and traits helps provide her with the motivation  to bring her creations to life.   


As a small child living on the farm Helen had to provide her own entertainment.  She spent hours making animals from clay dug out of the fields. Lining them up against the shed wall, unfortunately when it rained they turned back to clay as she didn’t have any means of firing them then.    Time furloughed during Covid 19 has enabled Helen to reignite that passion for making animals out of clay 45 years later!   And Helen is loving the feeling, creating these little characters and the best bit is she can now fire them in a kiln and so they  are safe from the rain !!

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